Core Features

Start making Smart Money Choices

Personal Budget Planner
No more Excel spreadsheets! Get a simple to use and maintain, cloud-based budget planner. By knowing your monthly spend you will be able to plan better, save more and get financially organised.
Assets and Liabilities Register
List your property and all other assets and include your purchase price, current valuations and debt still owing. Once completed you will see a breakdown of the value of your net worth.
Policy, Investment and Retirement Schedule
Track your monthly spend from life policies to your medical aid plans, list your retirement and unit trust savings and keep tabs on your investment growth from month to month.
Extra Features

Get Personally Organised with all your information in one palace

Planning Calculators
Explore exactly how much money you can save by simply adding a small amount each month to your home bond or car repayments. Understand how much can you reduce both your interest owed and the term of payment.
Give a Planner Access
Give your Financial or Life Planner access to upload documents and policies as well as help you start budgeting and getting personally organised.
Personal Storage Vault
Upload your important documents and store them in one place. Upload a copy of your Will and Testament, business agreements, birth certificates, copies of ID documents and any document you wish to keep safe.
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Currently Desktop Mode Only

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What Users are saying about My Life Planner

Read what our users have to say about our personal and financial organisation application and how it has helped them!

Marketing Manager

I really enjoy the simplicity of this application and the ability to store all my important documents in one place for me to access them anywhere at any time. The ability to also let my Financial Planner upload my updated policies straight into my vault is a great addition! Knowing what I have to spend has really helped me limit my spending and increase my wealth.


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Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions…

All information entered into My Life Planner is encrypted and secure. We value our users privacy and trust and ensure that you have peace of mind knowing your information is safe.

No. We have taken the decision to not link My Life Planner to any Banks for privacy and safety reasons. All budgeting information that gets entered into My Life Planner stays within the application and is encrypted and not shared.

With My Life Planner you can give access to an Ubuntu Capital Financial Planner or a Life Planner to view or edit certain sections. This is controlled by each user and you can restrict access by section and whether they can just view or edit. You are in control of your privacy.

As of now this is a web based application that can be viewed on mobile in desktop mode. We are busy working on the next version of My Life Planner which will have a mobile version.

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